What’s it like to be a female coder?

Great feature from Stylist this week, looking at four women who work in tech, and their advice to others looking to get into the area. They all hail from Stylist’s parent company, Shortlist Media – where women make up an impressive 40% of the tech team, far above the industry average.

Here are a few of the best bits:

I went on to teach myself five coding languages, which helped me get a job as a web developer at a small agency even though I didn’t have any experience in the field.

There are so many avenues you can take in the tech industry that you’re bound to find a space that fits. Chat with your peers, reach out and find mentors and friends who share your passions.

As a developer, I’m in the empowering position to build anything I want, which is an incredible gift.

To any woman considering pursuing a career in tech, I would say: we need you! As an industry it’s constantly evolving, highly demanding and so exciting, and you’ll have the chance to work in every possible field.

There are plenty of free courses available if you’re interested in learning to code. If you’re into merging code with creative ideas, check out Super Hi, who offer scholarships for black and Latinx students. Code First: Girls run yearly workshops for recent women graduates. She Can Code offer career advice, and Codebar host free mentoring aimed at beginners.

Anyone interested in coding should check out the full feature here. Nice one, Stylist.

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