Five things women should know about ambition

Spotted an interesting feature today in Fast Company, from journalists Hana Schank and Elizabeth Wallace. The pair have interviewed 43 women on career, marriage, parenting and ambition, looking at patterns and changes at different points in their subjects’ lives.

Commenting on ambition specifically, the pair said:

We tend to think of ambition as something that can only be directed into building a superstar career, but our friends showed us that it is possible to be ambitious in a multitude of ways, from wanting to rule from the corner office to spending the summers cataloguing birds at national parks (really, this is something one of our friends does).

The full piece, which shares their ‘five key things that women should know about ambition’, is well worth a read. I found all of them fairly relatable, from priorities shifting in different parts of your life, to the impact of marriage when achieving your goals.

For me, this piece was a reminder that we have a remarkable capacity to adapt to our circumstances in order to succeed.



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